The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show Collection

How is gender performed? Alongside ideas generated by theorist Judith Butler (Gender Trouble, 1990) and writer, Susan Sontag (‘Notes on Camp’, 1964), this collection represents a personal, individual exploration of the ways in which gender is characterised in dress, style, costume, fabrics and colour combinations. The processes and practice of designing and making these jewellery pieces are motivated here by particular ideas of what might constitute ‘femininity’, whether in popular culture, theatre, literature or film; the feminine as symbolic of specific female energy or force. Playing with such notions of gender constructions, this collection includes objects exaggerated in scale and pattern, with pale, pastel colours that parody what is thought to be an inherently ‘female’ palette. The overall appeal of the performance of drag, the ambiguity and humorous nature of such performance provide the overall context for this collection: challenging constructed and canonical narratives of gender identity.

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