Previously, I worked as a costume and jewellery designer in film and subsequently, in training to be a silversmithing & jewellery designer, I learned how such objects perform as part of a narrative in people’s lives, both in fiction and in everyday encounters. I grew up in the Dorset countryside, remote from the kinds of popular culture that I enjoyed: film, animation, cartoon characters, pop stars and celebrities and have sought out forms of avant-garde culture during my student years. Therefore, this collection summarises these personal and professional views, especially ‘drag’, which is a powerful influence on my work more generally. Incorporated within bold, over-sized floral patterns and pastel colour schemes are ideas of the performance of gender identity, emphasising notions of ‘femininity’ in this series of jewellery pieces.


BA(Hons) Silversmithing & Jewellery, The Glasgow School of Art, 2020

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